i seem to be spending too much time yawning these days. i’m yawning at just about everything, everywhere. i’m trying not to yawn at anyone. one of worst feelings one can have is to feel yawned at. for example, i would never yawn at you. even though i am yawning at the computer screen, i do not imagine that you are within it, or even near it, when i yawn.

i yawn at circuity. I yawn at non-circuity that is under-stimulating. i yawn as a response to a stimulus. i yawn when i am not otherwise engaged when i am awake. i yawn at not being awake enough. i yawn for all of those who cannot yawn. i yawn for all of those who have yawned before me.

i yawn because i am in a place now where i have the liberty of yawning. it’s kind of a luxury.  i finally have space to yawn. a space to yawn i can call my own.

i yawn out of gratitude.
i yawn out of complacence.
i yawn out of convenience.
i yawn out of habit.
i  yawn out of necessity.
i yawn out of respect.
i yawn out of tune.

i yawn because this is something my body likes to do, what my consciousness and sub-consciousness ask it to do. my body is only a vessel for yawning.

still, i’m not really sure why i yawn so much. maybe it’s a defense mechanism. who knows?

who even has time time for yawning anymore?

About The Lost Pedestrian

In my wanderings throughout the moments/days/years, I try in earnest to find the mystical within the mundane and the mundane within the mystical, oftentimes confusing one from the other. I have wandered and roamed through many a city, many a town, in a state of wonder and bewilderment, without necessarily going anywhere. I am easily lost, but eventually found. (I am guessing you have just found me). My sincere hope is that you will find Something in this warehouse of thought, memory and false memory, words, numbers, tangents, murmurs, echoes (lots and lots of echoes), voices, dreams, and other paraphernalia.
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